Why are there always thoughts in my head? How can I stop overthinking?

Mind chatter or overthinking is one of the most common problems people are faced with today. Even when you try to stop the thoughts, you are not able to do so. The constant stream of thoughts, one after the other, tend to be mostly negative in nature. You feel overwhelmed as if you have lost control of your mind. You begin to see problems in all the people and situations that you encounter. In fact, at times you realize that there is no problem and your mind is just confusing you, but still you are not able to stop these thoughts. 


Over time, these excessive thoughts can lead you to feel emotions ranging from stress, anxiety and irritation to more severe emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy, envy, loneliness and insecurity. They can also lead to physical problems such as fatigue (of both the body and the mind), migraines, insomnia, obesity, eating disorders, nail biting, lethargy, unexplained body pains and hair loss to name a few. 

The primary cause of overthinking or mind chatter is that you have essentially “lost control” of your mind. The mind is like a muscle. You have to exercise it properly so that you maintain control of it and hence maintain control over your thoughts. Else it starts to behave independently of your desires or wishes. You begin to have thoughts that you normally would not agree with and these thoughts can prompt you to engage in behaviours that you normally avoid.

How do you regain control over your mind and hence your thoughts? There are two ways of doing this. First of all, you need to learn how to consciously exert control over your thoughts through affirmations, positive thinking and meditation. Each of these activities flexes your mind making it stronger and stronger. Secondly, through hypnotherapy, we can subconsciously clear the energies that are the underlying cause of the overthinking. As each issue/energy is resolved, you feel lighter and the mind is calm. We then train you to select your thoughts carefully so that each thought lifts you higher and at the same time your mind feels calm and relaxed.

The most effective approach to reduce overthinking is to work on the mind both consciously through psychotherapy and subconsciously through hypnotherapy.

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