Resolving Relationship Issues

Each one of us has our own story to tell where the seemingly divergent emotions of love and pain appear to be synonymous. In this age of modern day complexities, relationships are the cause of a major part of our suffering due to ineffective communication and incompatible behaviours. Additional stress is added on by:

  • Environmental issues such as both partners working, being a single parent, demands or restrictions by in-laws and financial pressures.
  • Physical issues such as sexual incompetency, alcoholism or drug addictions.
  • Psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, anger and sexual incompatibility.

In the midst of such stressors, problem areas in communication can arise from:

  • What we consciously know and say (how we say it) to our partner.
  • What we consciously know and don’t say to our partner.
  • What we consciously don’t know, don’t say, yet expect from our partner.

Psychotherapy, counselling, NLP, hypnotherapy, and past life regression offer a number of ways to resolve relationship troubles. The first step is to understand that each one of us is a unique individual and we all think and feel that the way we are is “normal”. Anyone who behaves differently to us is “not normal” and “should behave like us” so that they can fulfil our expectations. The flaw in this line of thinking is that we do not allow our partner the space to be the unique individual that they are. We forget that this difference between us, or complementarity, is what attracted us to them in the first place. Thus, we have to recognize and appreciate that each person is “normal” in their own way.

Secondly, it is also imperative to recognize that our partner will not understand what is going on in our mind or be aware of our expectations on them unless we communicate them to our partner in a clear and effective way. As each individual is unique, they mode of receiving and giving out information is also different. We have found that people can communicate either literally or inferentially. Through counselling, we uncover your language patterns and help you learn how to say what you mean in a way that your partner understands the message that you are trying to convey.

Thirdly, awareness of dormant subconscious thought patterns and then replacing them with more beneficial beliefs through psychotherapy, counselling, NLP, hypnotherapy and past life regression are the key to building understanding and love in relationships. In this way, developing mutual respect and harmony leads to peace of mind, conservation of energy and time to engage in more productive activities.

The solution to a more peaceful, long term, and happy relationship lies in understanding yourself and your partner with respect to who we are and why we function the way we do. This kind of deep, subconscious investigation and reprogramming is done most effectively with hypnotherapy and past life regression as it enables you to:

  • Understand and work on the mental, emotional, physical and environmental triggers that make you have the expectations and behaviours that you do.
  • Access and release pent up emotions from this life (birth to current day) that were caused by trauma that you have suffered and may not be consciously aware of. Examples of such traumatic events can be experiencing sexual or physical abuse of self or a loved one, being raised in a dysfunctional family, a parent being an alcoholic or drug addict, parents being over disciplinarians, one or both parents suffering from psychological problems or physical illness, facing a severe financial crisis etc.
  • Access and release emotional residue from karmic accounts of past lives. It is clear that we take birth to undergo certain learning in each life. Past life regression has uncovered that we live through multiple difficult lives until we learn the lessons that we have planned. These lessons may involve harnessing the mind by learning acceptance, patience, tolerance, compassion or unconditional love. They may involve us learning to be calm and relaxed and controlling our anger. Once we are able to uncover the root cause of your relationship issues through past life regression, we can help you to understand what lesson you need to learn, resolve the karmic debt through release of the emotional energies, and thus bring peace and harmony into your relationship in the current life.

In this way, counselling, hypnotherapy, NLP and past life regression have proven to be useful tools to bring couples together by helping them resolve issues that their friends, relatives or even doctors have been unable to. With a deeper understanding of themselves and their partners, they can embark on a journey of sharing love and affection in a balanced and harmonious relationship.



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