Treating Fear of Moths with Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression & Spirit Release Therapy

Treating Fear of Moths with Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression & Spirit Release Therapy

Most of us are plagued with one fear or another. We may be afraid of the dark, ghosts, insects, snakes, water, heights, closed spaces, or even the future (anxiety) to name just a few. We may or may not be aware of the cause of the fear these stimuli elicit within us. Hypnotherapy, past life regression and spirit releasement therapy provide us with the tools necessary to determine the cause of the fears or phobias and release them so that you can live a happy and normal life.

I would like to give you an example of a 40 year old woman named Pooja who had suffered all her life with a fear of moths. In fact this fear was so intense that it generalized to other insects who looked similar, such as butterflies. Pooja first became aware of this fear at the age of 6 when she was walking down the stairs and she saw a moth sitting on the handrail. She immediately found herself completely immobilized, sweating profusely and heart racing. She remained in that position until her mother found her and took her away.

When I met Pooja, I explained to her that I would use hypnotherapy, past life regression and spirit releasement therapy in order to get to the root cause of this intense and illogical fear and then help her release the energies causing the fear, thus leading to catharsis. She went into a deep hypnotic trance quickly and easily and started to get images of a past life in Egypt. In that life, Pooja was a middle aged man named Sahi who was a slave working at a construction site for the Pharoah. He made a mistake which led to the structure that he was working on to collapse. As punishment, Sahi was buried alive in a wooden box in a pit which contained many of these boxes. Before his death, Sahi could see and feel moth-like insects and larvae eating away at his flesh leading to immense fear.

The remarkable thing was the Pooja could feel this intense fear both emotionally and physically and could relate that it is the same fear she feels when she encounters moths in this life. Having found the root cause of Pooja’s fear, using hypnotherapy and past life regression techniques, I helped Sahi release both the emotional and physical feelings associated with this fear so that both he and Pooja could find relief. As Sahi was directed into the Light, something was stopping him from moving forward in his astral journey. Upon scanning his astral body, he noticed a foreign entity was attached to him.

As I communicated with this attachment, he revealed that he was another slave who had been thrown into the pit. Unfortunately, as his Spirit separated from his physical body, he could not find the Light and instead circled between the pits. When he came across Sahi who was still alive, he found himself drawn and got attached. Using spirit releasement therapy techniques, I helped this lost soul release the negative thoughts and emotions that he was carrying so that his energies separated from Sahi’s and they both then moved into the Light.

Pooja awoke from the trance feeling light and relaxed having a clear understanding of why she had been plagued with this illogical fear her entire life. A couple of weeks later, Pooja was happy to inform me that although she was still not comfortable being around moths, she no longer experienced the immobilizing fear that she had previously experienced. She reported an improvement of about 60-70% after a single session.  Such results repeatedly illustrate the simplicity and efficacy of using hypnotherapy, past life regression and spirit releasement therapy to free clients facing fears and phobias in their lives.


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