Preparing for Regression

Preparing your Mind for Age Regression and Past Life Regression


Here are a few points that will ensure early success during your regression therapy session.

  • Verbalize everything that you SEE, HEAR, KNOW, FEEL, THINK or EXPERIENCE during your regression therapy session. Clients often anticipate to “see” in hypnosis and this is not necessary. Information stored in your subconscious mind was perceived and processed through your five senses and the retrieval of the information will also happen in its natural way.
  • Trust the process completely. During the session, do not assume what is relevant or not relevant, what makes sense or what does not. Simply verbalize what you see, hear, know, feel, think or experience even if you feel that you are making it up. Your imagination is also specific to you only; it is a reflection of your inner thoughts, beliefs, ideas, learnings and experiences. Go with the flow.
  • All emotional feelings carry physical or bodily sensations with them. Regression therapy brings up these intense energetic charges for healing and release. Know that these feelings and sensations are being revealed for your greater good.
  • We always see something, even with our eyes closed. Seeing darkness means that you are in a dark place. Using both your intuitive and imaginative abilities, allow images to become clear and the process to evolve naturally. If you continue to feel stuck or as if nothing is happening, then make something up for the time being. You will find that the answers will begin appearing spontaneously soon enough.
  • There is no right or wrong answer in regression therapy. All answers are generated specifically for you by your subconscious mind and thus are RIGHT for you.
  • The key to success in regression therapy is to have a keen intention to establish clear and direct communication with your subconscious mind, your higher self and perhaps the collective consciousness in order to retrieve, heal and release all that no longer serves you. Focus your attention on the catharsis that leads to mental, emotional, and physical liberation rather than rationalising the information.
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy this extraordinary journey.

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