Mental Health: Beyond Psychiatry

Biology books have taught us to perceive a human being as only a physical body; but based on data from Kirlian photography, ancient spiritual texts, advanced healers and clairvoyants, it is clear that the physical body is surrounded by an energy field, much like the magnetic field around a magnet or the geomagnetic field around the earth.  This energy field, or aura, is divided into multiple “bands” or subtle bodies. For the sake of simplicity, we will discuss this form in five layers or koshas as shown below.


The physical body is that which is perceived by the brain/mind through the five senses. The remaining subtle bodies can be “seen” through the third eye or Kirlian photography.

The etheric body is interweaved deeply into the physical body, consisting of energy systems that align with each of the bodily systems, for example, the circulatory, respiratory and digestive system.  The etheric body is also home of the chakras (energy centres) and the kundalini. Prana (life force energy) from the cosmos is absorbed into the etheric body and the efficient flow of prana through all the energy systems is necessary for proper functioning of the corresponding system in the physical body.

The emotional body represents the affective state of the person. This includes their emotions (feelings), moods and sentiments.  Altering the emotional state of a person leads to a change in this energy field.

The mental body represents the structure of ideas, thought forms and intellect of the person. The more well-formed an idea is, the more intense will be the thoughts associated with that idea, leading to specific energetic changes in the emotional body.

The spiritual body has four distinct components. The soul is the divine element, the source of unconditional universal love and compassion. Consciousness allows one to “know the self and the Self”. The mind, which consists of both the conscious and subconscious mind, is the storehouse of memories, beliefs, and intuitive abilities from this life and beyond.  The free will body equips us with the ability to make decisions in our lives on a moment to moment basis and to choose our thoughts, feelings and actions based on inputs from the mind.

Each subtle body does not exist as an independent entity but they are all interlaced intricately with each other and the functioning of one directly impacts the functioning of the others. It is also important to understand that the sequence of change in the physical body is initiated at the spiritual body level. A memory in the mind with the approval of the free will body generates thoughts in the mental body which lead to feelings in the emotional body which alter the flow of prana in the etheric body which manifests as a presenting symptom in the physical body.

Any negative thought or emotion produces energetic charge that accumulates over time. These charges cause psychological, behavioral or physical dis-ease. Thus, the physical body is a reflection of the state of the mental and emotional subtle bodies. It is a product of what a person thinks and feels. Any dis-ease in the physical body indicates a disturbance in one’s thoughts and feelings, often stemming from the inputs from the mind and free will.

With this basic understanding, the difference between the treatment given by a psychiatrist and the treatment given by a hypnotherapist/regressionist becomes clear. A psychiatrist uses medication to treat and relieve the presenting symptoms at the level of the physical body. On the other hand, a hypnotherapist/regressionist works at the level of the spiritual, mental, emotional and etheric bodies in order to heal deep-seated issues by releasing the energetic charges that are responsible for the manifestation of the physical symptoms.  A psychologist uses various different forms of psychotherapy to work primarily on the level of the conscious mind. Since long terms memories (from this life and beyond) and beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy is the most effective healing modality to bring about long lasting results.

If you are having a psychological, behavioral or physical problem, it is advisable to seek temporary relief through medication prescribed by a competent psychiatrist and at the same time resolve the root cause through therapy from a psychologist and hypnotherapist for persistent, sustainable cure.

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