How does a past life regression help to resolve a present day issue?

How does a past life regression help to resolve a present day issue? Is the “re-living” of the past life sufficient or is something else needed?


Past life refers to an experience that a client has under a hypnotic trance where they “re-live” a series of events from the past which they cannot identify from being from their current life. Emphasis is placed on the word “re-live” because the client actually goes through the mental, emotional and physical experience. For example, if a client sees the loss of a loved one, tears will start flowing, there may be sobbing and emotional pain is experienced. On the other hand, if a client suffers from a physical injury such as a wound in the neck in a past life, they will feel physical pain in the corresponding area during their hypnotherapy regression session.

The significance of this “re-living” of the past life during hypnotherapy is that it confirms that the energetic charges associated with a given occurrence in the past life are still stored in the client’s physical or subtle bodies. As shown in the above examples, these energetic charges may be mental, emotional or physical in nature. Therapy during a past life regression involves the release of these energetic charges thus healing the symptoms being manifested in the current life as a consequence of these charges.

For example, a client with asthma often regresses to a past life where they suffocated to death. The cause of suffocation may vary from drowning, to inability to breathe due to a fire, to being buried alive. As the client “re-lives” this event, they feel intense fear as they are unable to breathe. Using hypnotherapy tools, the therapist will help the client release the energetic charges of this fear and the respiratory passages of the client heal very quickly thereafter so that all symptoms of asthma are alleviated in the present life. Within weeks, the client is free of asthma.

Therefore, successful past life regression therapy is a two fold process. Through hypnosis the client is first regressed to the relevant past life, that is, the past life having the cause of the present day issue. The energetic charges causing the present day symptoms are then released. This leads to a deep healing at the mental, emotional and physical level thus impacting all aspects of life such as health, relationships, happiness and financial abundance.

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