Clinical Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Therapy Course in Gurugram from IIH and CHI

Are you looking to heal your life or to help others transform their lives?

What is the purpose of this course?

The purpose of this course is to train individuals to use hypnosis, hypnotherapy and past life regression as a safe, effective and powerful tool for both personal growth and healing as well as to help others enhance their mental, emotional and physical well-being. Using a client-centered approach, we impart the highest level of instruction with comprehensive theoretical and practical training working always from a place of love, compassion and service towards humanity.  Upon completion of this course, you will be qualified to practice competently as a “Clinical Hypnotherapist”.

Certificates are awarded by the Indian Institute of Hypnotherapy and all the courses are licensed by the California Hypnosis Institute.

Who can take this course?

This course is designed for psychotherapists, counselors, healers, medical professionals, educators and all other people who have a desire to understand the workings of the conscious and subconscious mind and the use of hypnosis to access the deeper levels of the mind to help clients get relief from mental, emotional and physical dis-ease. One does not require a background in counselling or psychology. This course is also appropriate for people who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the self and their inner healing capabilities.

What is the structure of the course?

There are 4 levels in this course which involve a total of 144 hours (19 days) of instructional and practical training to be awarded a certification of “Clinical Hypnotherapist”.  There is a gap of 6-8 weeks between each level to allow the students time to assimilate and practice what they have learned in the previous level. Each level builds upon the skills and knowledge presented in the previous level and it is imperative that the students are extremely competent and comfortable with what they have already learned before moving on the next level. All clinical hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy training is conducted in Gurugram.

It should also be noted that the training offered at Practical Nirvana is essentially SPIRITUAL HYPNOTHERAPY with a deep understanding of life, time, space and Source. For this reason, all students are required to come for a mandatory past life regression session prior to selection into the training program.



Duration: 3 days

Date: Feb. 15 – 17, 2018

This course introduces that basics of clinical hypnosis. Specifically, students learn how to induce a hypnotic trance, how to take clients to the required depth of hypnosis for therapy purposes, and how to bring clients back from the trance. The theory of the mind with the role of the conscious and subconscious mind are clearly explained. In addition, students are trained on the basics of the interview process and how to establish a client’s suggestibility based on their unique nature.

Completion of this course gives students the ability to use one of a number of hypnosis induction techniques to induce trance and then use deepening techniques so that the client can be in the most receptive state of hypnosis possible for therapy. Stress reduction, confidence building and improving study habit scripts are used to give the students practical knowledge and hands on experience with giving suggestions.

Topics covered are:

  • Brief history of hypnosis
  • History & development of the human mind
  • Theory of the mind
  • Theory & Laws of suggestibility
  • The interview process to gather case history
  • Hypnotic inductions
  • Deepening techniques
  • Post-hypnotic suggestions
  • Awakening techniques
  • Self hypnosis
  • Practicals on multiple induction, deepening and awakening techniques



Duration: 5 days

The focus of this course is to prepare students to use a number of diagnostic tools commonly used in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy such as corrective therapy, handwriting analysis, dream interpretation and Paris Window. Hypnotherapy tools such as desensitization, hypnodrama, life script change, past life regression and age regression are also taught both theoretically and practically. Special emphasis is placed on the stages of development and stages of loss so that students are better able to pinpoint the nature of the root cause of the clients issues. An introduction of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis is given so that indirect forms of suggestion can be effectively used in therapy by the students.

Completion of this level enables the students to become competent in the pre-induction interview process, use of diagnostic tools to get to the major symptoms of the client, and then using hypnotherapy techniques to get to the root cause of the problem and begin the healing process.

Topics covered are:

  • Hypnotic modalities
  • Basics of Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Basics of Kappasinian Hypnosis
  • Dream Therapy and Interpretation
  • Dealing with fears and phobias through hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy for children (Stages of development)
  • Hypno-diagnostic tools (Paris window & Corrective therapy)
  • Hypno-drama
  • Use of hypnotherapy in Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Desensitization
  • Age Regression Therapy
  • Introduction to Past Life Regression
  • Life Script Change
  • Introduction to Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  • Introduction to Handwriting and Signature Analysis to determine suggestibility



Duration: 3 days

The focus of this course is to learn and use past life regression techniques and talk to the subconscious to help resolve various mental, emotional and physical issues. Having learned how to regress clients to past life scenarios, this course equips the students with

  • The theoretical understanding as to why past life regression works and why it is so effective
  • The ability to identify the triggers that lead to running of imprints and scripts in the subconscious mind
  • The practical experience of using specific techniques such as reframing, rescripting, healing at the death scene, healing in the light, breaking the bonds of time and talking to the Subconscious.

Completion of this course allows the students to do complete past life regression therapy including resolution of karmic issues that lead to a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical transformation in the clients’ lives. Students will also be able to talk to the Subconscious or Higher Self to get divine guidance regarding the client’s symptoms or situation.

Topics covered are:

  • History and Application of Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Usefulness of Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Determining the need for Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Client interview process
  • Process of Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Safeguards against Past Life Regression
  • Locating critical areas and presence of multiple life connections
  • Diagnostic Regression Demonstration
  • Reframing critical past life memories
  • Empowering the client
  • Patterns from the past
  • Addressing present life triggers
  • Soul/Trauma issues and going through the Death Experience
  • Breaking the bonds of time
  • Use of Parallel Realities for Healing
  • Post therapy care



Duration: 8 days

The focus of this course is to learn and use advanced hypnotic modalities to help resolve various mental, emotional and physical issues and it is taught in two parts of 4 days each.

Level 4a focuses on the advanced clinical hypnotherapy techniques of ASTRAL BODY HEALING, INNER CHILD HEALING, MINIATURIZATION, CUTTING THE CORD AND CHAKRA HEALING.

Level 4b focuses on the advanced clinical hypnotherapy techniques of SPIRIT RELEASE AND INTRODUCTION TO LIFE BETWEEN LIVES REGRESSION. Spiritual aspects of hypnotherapy, past life regression and life between lives regression with respect to identifying THE PURPOSE OF LIFE are also covered in detail.

Students get both theoretical and practical experience working with specific mind-body issues.

Theoretical topics covered are:

  • Assessment and effect of emotional and physical sexuality
  • Use of a Systems Approach in Family Counseling
  • First consultation, interview process and counseling
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Dealing with energy cords
  • Working with habits
  • Dealing with low blood sugar
  • Weight management and eating disorders – Anorexia and Bulimia
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental Bank
  • Anger management
  • Crisis intervention
  • Sexual dysfunctions
  • Defense mechanisms

Practical topics covered are:

  • Astral Body Healing (remote)
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Miniaturization
  • Cutting the Cord
  • Chakra Healing
  • Spirit Release
  • Introduction to Life between Lives Regression


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