Practical Nirvana

We live in a world full of stress and pressures whether it be at home or the workplace. It is often difficult to face all the demands of our ever changing situations with our families, friends, colleagues, employers, and peers. Age does not determine when we may start to feel mentally or emotionally disturbed due to the circumstances or people in our lives. We have found long lasting adverse psychological effects of stress experienced by fetus in the mother’s womb, babies, infants, teenagers, young adults, people going through the midlife transition, to geriatrics. Each stage of life presents a different environment for our growth as individuals and along come a large set of challenges that we must face and overcome to ensure mental and emotional stability.

At Practical Nirvana, we understand and recognize that each individual is unique. He or she is a product of their learnings and experiences in this lifetime and beyond. Variability in human thoughts, feelings and actions in a given situation is infinite and this variability must be taken into account when devising a treatment plan for each client. At the same time, we believe and have found that each client has all the resources necessary to lead a healthy and happy life and to live up to their full potential.

Our objective at Practical Nirvana is to enlarge the client’s mental map and to enable them to utilize all the resources available to them thus optimizing their mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This puts the client in a peak state where they are able to consciously and subconsciously make better life decisions and use effective coping strategies.

Based of the client’s needs, multiple healing modalities are used to devise a holistic and integrated treatment plan that gives them the desired outcome. Having resolved the presenting symptoms along with deep seated subconscious issues, it is our goal to provide sustainable positive results that bring about a mental, emotional and spiritual transformation in the lives of each client. This comprehensive approach empowers the client with the tools necessary to win independently against all future stress, conflicts and pressures.

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